Applied Geosciences - Geohydromodelling

Model development

Model development concentrates on the development and implementation of numerical methods in the open source code OpenGeoSys. OpenGeoSys is an object- and process-oriented scientific software for the numerical solution of coupled multi-field problems (THMC-processes) and hydro-systems. Main area is the simulation of reactive non-isothermal transport processes for one- and multi-phase systems. Current work covers:

  • Methods for the simulation of temperature dependent kinetically limited reactions during degradation of contaminants as well as dissolution or precipitation pf minerals in contact with ground water
  • Methods for the simulation of geochemical equilibrium reactions at high temperature and salinity conditions
  • Coupling of OpenGeoSys and the geochemical simulators PhreeqC and ChemApp
  • Coupling of OpenGeoSys and the reservoir-simulator ECLIPSE (©Schlumberger) for the simulation of large scale reactive multiphase flow
  • Development of detailed models for geothermal heat extractors
  • Implementation and application of methods from high performance computing