Applied Geosciences - Geohydromodelling


Geohydromodelling at CAU is part of the B.Sc. and M.Sc. Geoscience programmes within the course specialisation Applied Geology. Geohydromodelling topics and methods are tought in lectures and exercise. In Bachelor and Master theses. In this connection, numerical simulation of subsurface flow and transport processes is introduced as method for environmental assessment and prognosis, and implemented in application studies.

  • Lectures and exercises currently tought by staff of the Geohydromodelling group are listed here (in German)

Bachelor and Master theses

The working group Geohydromodelling currently offers Bachelor  and Master theseson numerical simulation within the following fields

  • Deep and near-surface geothermal energy,
  • Pollutant transport and reactive pollutant transport with biodegradation
  • Gas storage,
  • Circulation of deep groundwaters,
  • Brine dynamics
If these issues draw your interest, please contact Christof Beyer or Sebastian Bauer to arrange a topic for your thesis.